WSR 13-18-084
[Filed September 4, 2013, 11:05 a.m.]
This serves as notice that the Washington state board of health is withdrawing the CR-101 for chapter 246-360 WAC, Transient accommodations. The notice was filed as WSR 07-14-148 on July 5, 2007. The preproposal statement of inquiry was intended to open discussions with stakeholders on a rule revision to determine what part of these regulations, if any, should apply to shelters for the homeless.
After initial discussions with stakeholders, this rule making was placed on hold, first because of diminished support resources and then because of Governor Gregoire's rule-making moratorium. On July 1, 2013, the regulatory program for transient accommodations transferred between divisions of the department of health. New program management wants to take time to evaluate the need for broader changes to the rules before proceeding with any rule making. The CR-101 and previous stakeholder work will have become outdated before rule making would continue.
The board has decided the best approach is to withdraw the CR-101 from 2007 and reconsider the scope of possible needed rule making for regulating transient accommodations and how shelters for the homeless should, or should not, fit into the policy.
Michelle Davis
Executive Director