WSR 14-02-084
[Filed December 30, 2013, 2:13 p.m.]
Rules Development Agenda
January to June 2014
WAC Chapter or Section
Purpose of rule being developed or amended
Rule change related to small businesses notice requirements as amended by 2011 legislative action.
332-18-05005, 332-18-05005 [332-18-05006], 332-18-05007
Amend rules pertaining to adjudicative proceedings and changing proceedings related to mitigation of surface mining penalties.
Rule change related to annual permit fee for county governments, as amended by 2006 legislative action to state that the fee is based on tonnage mined annually, and the annual fee will not exceed one thousand dollars.
The department of natural resources will be developing a new rule to establish policies and procedures for the Washington state committee on geographic names. The new rule will provide guidelines for acceptable geographic names, and establish the process by which the committee will consider and adopt names and conduct meetings.
Rule change to ensure fire protection rules are clearly written and provide appropriate protection regarding regulation of forest operations and spark emitting equipment requirements. The changes will also update references to department of ecology WACs and chapter 70-94 [70.94] RCW.
332-08-101, 332-08-111, 332-02-121, 332-08-122, 332-08-123, 332-08-124
Rule amendments and new WACs refining procedures and standards for derelict vessel inspections.
Rule change brought about by proposed change in RCW 58.24.070 Fees. This is to change the funding source and fee amount for the public land survey office.