WSR 14-02-098
[Filed December 31, 2013, 10:15 a.m.]
Semi-Annual Rule-Making Agenda
January 1 through June 31, 2014
WAC Citation
Subject Matter/
Purpose of Rule
Current Activity/
Approximate Filing Date
Title 200 WAC
Rules transferred from the former Department of general administration, the former department of personnel, and the office of financial management.
Amend to align with:
•Statutory changes creating the department of enterprise services;
•Statutory changes under procurement reform;
•Other legislative changes; as well as
•General housekeeping rule changes.
CR-101 filing anticipated late Spring of 2014.
Chapter 200-100 WAC
Self-insurance requirements governing local government and nonprofit self-insurance.
Clarify solvency and operational requirements in order to reduce the risk to local government and nonprofit members of risk pools.
Proposed rules were published in the Washington State Register in September 2013 and a continuance was filed in December 2013 in order to extend the comment period through January 11, 2014.
We anticipate adopting rules and filing a permanent rule-making order in the first quarter of 2014.
The adopted rules will then become effective June 1, 2014.
Chapter 200-01 WAC
Public records.
Make sure the process for agency public records requests is clear and specific.
CR-101 filing anticipated early spring of 2014.
New rule within Title 200 WAC
Managing state print operations.
Improve the efficiency and minimize the costs of agency-based printing.
The CR-101 was filed on June 28, 2013.
CR-102 anticipated filing in January 2014 with final rule adoption in early spring of 2014.
New rule under chapter 200-200 WAC
Camping on the capitol campus.
Clarify the authority of the Washington state patrol in regard to managing camping and related behaviors on campus or in the parks.
CR-101 filing anticipated early summer of 2014.
New rule within Title 200 WAC
Trespassing on the capitol campus
Specify the grounds upon which the state may give a trespass warning, excluding a person from the capitol buildings and grounds, and to put in place an administrative review process to satisfy a person's due process rights when given a trespass warning excluding him/her from the capitol buildings and grounds.
CR-101 filing anticipated early summer of 2014.
WAC 200-320-006 and 200-320-010 (11)
Competitive contracting.
Comply with the requirements of Court of Appeals of Washington, Division Two NO. 37897-II and align with procurement reform contracting requirements.
CR-101 filing anticipated in January 2014 with final rule adoption by early summer of 2014.
Chapter 365-110 WAC
State building code-building permit surcharges and fees.
Decodify chapter 365-110 WAC and recodify as DES rules under Title 51 WAC, Enterprise Services, Department of (Building Code Council).
Request made to office of [the] code reviser anticipated in January 2014.