WSR 14-15-072
[Filed July 16, 2014, 9:18 a.m.]
The department of licensing hereby withdraws the following proposed rules:
WSR 06-22-105 (filed November 1, 2006), establish basic requirements governing the operation and scope of motorcycle education courses offered by commercial businesses.
WSR 08-07-004 (filed March 5, 2008), chapter 196-26A WAC, Engineer and land surveyor fees.
WSR 08-14-032 (filed June 23, 2008), implement section 10, chapter 110, Laws of 2008, limits the real estate licensee in accepting payments or things of value from a title insurance company.
WSR 08-18-068 (filed September 2, 2008), WAC 308-104-018, changing a driver's license or identicard holder's address of record.
WSR 09-08-075 (filed March 30, 2009), chapter 196-20 WAC, part of an effort to better organize existing and future rules under the existing chapter that pertain to engineers-in-training.
WSR 09-08-077 (filed March 30, 2009), chapter 196-21 WAC, part of an effort to better organize existing and future rules under the existing chapter that pertain to land surveyors-in-training.
WSR 09-14-135 (filed July 1, 2009), chapter 196-12 WAC, amending and/or repealed to better reflect the board's current practices.
WSR 10-01-035 (filed December 7, 2009), new rules; body art, body piercing, and tattooing. Passed during the 2009 legislative session.
WSR 10-01-136 (filed December 21, 2009), chapter 196-25 WAC, the board is currently looking at the definitions that are currently contained in rule.
WSR 10-08-095 (filed April 7, 2010), WAC 308-56A-206, to clarify the process when a customer presents a Washington title and there is not an existing Washington record on file in the database with the department.
WSR 10-12-073 (filed June 1, 2010), chapter 308-20 WAC, Cosmetology, barber, manicurist, esthetician rules.
WSR 10-14-037 (filed June 28, 2010), director's authority on conducting audits and investigations.
WSR 10-19-061 (filed September 14, 2010), WAC 308-104-014 Application for driver license or ID, updating application requirements.
WSR 10-23-085 (filed November 16, 2010), mailing original driver's licenses and identicards out-of-state.
WSR 10-23-086 (filed November 16, 2010), chapter 308-102 WAC, Administration of the Financial Responsibility ActProcedures.
WSR 10-23-097 (filed November 16, 2010), examination of managing brokers.
This document serves as the official notification of our rule withdrawal.
Damon Monroe
Rules Coordinator