WSR 14-16-066
[Filed July 30, 2014, 4:08 p.m.]
Semi-Annual Rule-Making Agenda
July 1 through December 31, 2014
Following is the liquor control board's semi-annual rule-making agenda for publication in the Washington State Register pursuant to RCW 34.05.314.
There may be additional rule-making activity not on the agenda as conditions warrant.
If you have questions about this rule-making agenda, please contact Karen McCall, Rules Coordinator, P.O. Box 43080, Olympia, WA 98504-3080, phone (360) 664-1631, e-mail
WAC Chapter or Section(s)
Subject Matter
Current Activity
Proposal (CR-102) or
Expedited (CR-105)
Add new section in chapter 314-23 WAC to address fair trade practices with spirits and wine.
Stakeholder request
WSR 13-07-026
Filed 3/13/13
WSR 13-22-095
Filed 11/6/13
Supp WSR 14-12-099
Filed 6/4/14
Create a new section in chapter 314-02 WAC to clarify the relocation of former state and contract liquor stores.
Stakeholder request/
WSR 13-08-088
Filed 4/3/13
Create a new section in chapter 314-12 WAC regarding multiple licenses for an entity at a single location.
Agency direction
WSR 14-03-076
Filed 1/15/14
Amend WAC 314-42-110 and 314-42-115 to amend the BAP rules.
Agency direction
WSR 14-05-037
Filed 2/12/14
WSR 14-09-025
Filed 4/9/14
WSR 14-12-102
Filed 6/4/14
Revise WAC 314-02-130 for outside service area requirements for liquor licensees.
Stakeholder request
WSR 14-11-104
Filed 5/21/14
Revise WACs to allow wine and cider "growlers."
Implement 2014 legislation
WSR 14-13-047
Filed 6/11/14
Create a new section in chapter 314-02 WAC for caterer's license.
Implement 2014 legislation
WSR 14-13-044
Filed 6/11/14
Create a new section in chapter 314-38 WAC for day spa permit.
Implement 2014 legislation
WSR 14-14-045
Filed 6/11/14
Create a new section in chapter 314-02 WAC for senior center license.
Implement 2014 legislation
WSR 14-13-046
Filed 6/11/14
Revise chapter 314-28 WAC for distiller and craft distiller licenses.
Implement 2014 legislation
WSR 14-13-043
Filed 6/11/14
Revise rules in chapter 314-55 WAC for marijuana licenses and requirements.
Implement 2014 legislation and revisions to current rules
WSR 14-12-100
Filed 6/4/14