WSR 16-04-002
(Committee on Geographic Names)
[Filed January 20, 2016, 2:48 p.m.]
Pursuant to RCW 43.30.294, the following geographic names have been adopted by the committee and filed with the state register:
Cooper Creek: Stream; 1.05 miles long; heads 1.6 miles S of Port Ludlow at 47°53'47.476"N, 122°39'46.895"W, flows S then E then NE to enter Hood Canal; commemorates the Cooper family, a Native American family that homesteaded much of the land surrounding the stream; Jefferson County, WA; Sec 27, T28N, R1E, W.M.; 47°54'1.408"N, 122°38'57.992"W; Approved 12-1-2015.
Criss Creek: Stream; 2.17 miles long; heads 1.6 miles S of Port Ludlow at 47°53'35.281"N, 122°41'45.936"W, flows SW then SE to enter Squamish Harbor; commemorates Arthur Criss who was once the Captain of the Seattle Fire Department; Jefferson County, WA; Sec. 29 & 32, T28 R 1E, W.M.; 47°52'4.611"N, 122°41'38.176"W; Approved 7-7-2015.
Vancouver Notch: Gap; located 12 miles W of Mount Rainier where the Puyallup and Mowich Rivers meet, bounded by The Divide to the SW, approx. 1,800 ft. elevation; commemorates Captain George Vancouver who made a reference to an "abrupt division" in his journal on May 20, 1792; Pierce County, WA; Secs 2, 3, 10, 11 T16N R6E & Secs 34, 35 T17N R6E, W.M.; 46°54'11.801"N, 122°1'28.063"W; Approved 12-1-2015.
Wildcat Pond: Lake, 10.4 acres; located on the SE side of State Route 8, directly across from the City of McCleary; the City Council of McCleary had the students of the McCleary school choose the name for the pond; Grays Harbor County, WA; Sec 14, T18N, R5W, W.M.; 47°2'53.81"N, 123°16'22.803"W; Approved 12-1-2015.