WSR 16-23-065
[Filed November 14, 2016, 4:05 p.m.]
Whereas RCW 42.56.580 requires all state agencies to appoint and publicly identify a public records officer whose responsibility it is to serve as a point of contact for members of the public in requesting disclosure of public records and to oversee the agency's compliance with the public disclosure requirements of the Public Records Act;
It is therefore ordered and directed that I hereby designate Ann Lowe to serve as the public records officer, pursuant to RCW 42.56.580. I delegate to the public records officer all powers necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the position, and the power to designate any other qualified person(s) to serve in these capacities in her absence. This order shall become effective as of July 14, 2016.
This order of designation and delegation supersedes all such previous orders. Delegations granted in prior public records officer delegations are hereby rescinded.
Approved on this 14th day of July, 2016.
Peter Goldmark
Commissioner of
Public Lands
Contact Information: Anne Lowe, Public Records Officer, Department of Natural Resources, 1111 Washington Street S.E., Mailstop 47014, Olympia, WA 98504-7014,, office (360) 902-1608, fax (360) 902-1789,