WSR 17-09-026
[Filed April 12, 2017, 12:31 p.m.]
Following is the department of enterprise services' semi-annual rules development agenda for publication in the Washington State Register. This list identifies rules that are under active development and rules that the agency anticipates starting some rule-making action on during the next six months.
This agenda also is available at The information on the website is continually updated as rule-making notices are filed. If rule-making activities are started that are not listed on this agenda or listed rule-making activities are stopped, that information also will be posted.
If you have questions about this agenda, email or phone (360) 407-9209.
Semi-Annual Rule-Making Agenda
January 1 through June 30, 2017
WAC Citation
Subject Matter/Purpose of Rule
Current Activity/Approximate Filing Date
Chapter 200-305 WAC, Debarment fines
Amend rules to implement SHB 1447 by establishing the process to fine a contractor when a finding for cause is made.
WSR 15-18-112 (CR-101) filed September 2, 2015. CR-101 cancelled.
WSR 17-17-137 (CR-101) filed March 22, 2017.
Anticipate filing proposed rules (CR-102) in May 2017.
Chapter 200-110 WAC, Local government self-insurance health and welfare program
Amend rules in order to resolve incorrect references, address other statutory impacts, and add rigor to solvency requirements.
WSR 17-17-138 (CR-101) filed March 22, 2017.
Anticipate filing proposed rules (CR-102) in May 2017.