WSR 17-16-093
[Filed July 27, 2017, 2:36 p.m.]
Semi-Annual Rule-Making Agenda
July - December 2017
The forest practices board's mandate is to adopt rules to protect the state's public resources while maintaining a viable forest products industry. The following rule proposals are under development or are anticipated during this time period. There may be additional rule-making activity not on the agenda as conditions warrant.
1. Water Typing System. The board will receive at their August 2017 meeting, recommendations on the final elements needed to develop a rule proposal. The board has been engaged to establish a permanent water typing system and may consider rule making at their November 2017 meeting.
2. Electronic Signature and Payment Process. The board will consider rule making at their August 2017 meeting that will amend the application and notification chapter to clarify that an electronic signature and payment process will be an accepted method when submitting forest practices applications. This rule making is a placeholder for when this process is available.
3. Public Records Fee Schedule. The board will consider notifying the public of possible rule making at their August 2017 meeting. This rule making is to amend the board's rule relating to public disclosure fees to implement recent legislation (EHB 1595).
Contact Person: Patricia Anderson, Forest Practices Board Rules Coordinator, Department of Natural Resources, Forest Practices Division, P.O. Box 47012, Olympia, WA 98504-7012, phone (360) 902-1413, fax (360) 902-1428, email