WSR 17-22-036
(Aging and Long-Term Support Administration)
[Filed October 24, 2017, 10:54 a.m., effective November 24, 2017]
Effective Date of Rule: Thirty-one days after filing.
Purpose: The department is repealing chapter 388-112 WAC and creating new chapter 388-112A WAC, Residential long-term care services training. The new chapter 388-112A WAC provides requirements for long-term care worker training and home care aide certification, specialty training curriculum and instructor requirements, and a new category of training and certification requirements for long-term care workers in enhanced services facilities. Chapter 388-112A WAC is organized to provide clarity in long-term care worker training, certification, curricula, and instructor requirements. New chapter organization chart available upon request to Suemary Trobaugh.
Citation of Rules Affected by this Order: New WAC 388-112A-0010, 388-112A-0020, 388-112A-0030, 388-112A-0040, 388-112A-0050, 388-112A-0060, 388-112A-0070, 388-112A-0080, 388-112A-0090, 388-112A-0095, 388-112A-0100, 388-112A-0105, 388-112A-0110, 388-112A-0115, 388-112A-0120, 388-112A-0200, 388-112A-0210, 388-112A-0220, 388-112A-0230, 388-112A-0240, 388-112A-0300, 388-112A-0310, 388-112A-0320, 388-112A-0330, 388-112A-0340, 388-112A-0350, 388-112A-0370, 388-112A-0400, 388-112A-0410, 388-112A-0420, 388-112A-0430, 388-112A-0440, 388-112A-0450, 388-112A-0460, 388-112A-0470, 388-112A-0480, 388-112A-0490, 388-112A-0495, 388-112A-0500, 388-112A-0510, 388-112A-0520, 388-112A-0530, 388-112A-0540, 388-112A-0550, 388-112A-0560, 388-112A-0570, 388-112A-0575, 388-112A-0580, 388-112A-0585, 388-112A-0590, 388-112A-0600, 388-112A-0610, 388-112A-0620, 388-112A-0700, 388-112A-0710, 388-112A-0720, 388-112A-0800, 388-112A-0810, 388-112A-0820, 388-112A-0830, 388-112A-0840, 388-112A-0900, 388-112A-0910, 388-112A-0920, 388-112A-0930, 388-112A-0940, 388-112A-0950, 388-112A-1000, 388-112A-1010, 388-112A-1020, 388-112A-1100, 388-112A-1110, 388-112A-1200, 388-112A-1210, 388-112A-1220, 388-112A-1230, 388-112A-1240, 388-112A-1250, 388-112A-1260, 388-112A-1270, 388-112A-1280, 388-112A-1285, 388-112A-1290, 388-112A-1295, 388-112A-1297, 388-112A-1300 and 388-112A-1310; and repealing WAC 388-112-0001, 388-112-0002, 388-112-0003, 388-112-0004, 388-112-0005, 388-112-0010, 388-112-0015, 388-112-0016, 388-112-0018, 388-112-0019, 388-112-0035, 388-112-0045, 388-112-0053, 388-112-0055, 388-112-0062, 388-112-0066, 388-112-0070, 388-112-0075, 388-112-0076, 388-112-0078, 388-112-0079, 388-112-0081, 388-112-0083, 388-112-0088, 388-112-0091, 388-112-0092, 388-112-0106, 388-112-0108, 388-112-0110, 388-112-0115, 388-112-0120, 388-112-0122, 388-112-0125, 388-112-0130, 388-112-0132, 388-112-0135, 388-112-0140, 388-112-0142, 388-112-0145, 388-112-0150, 388-112-0152, 388-112-0155, 388-112-0160, 388-112-0165, 388-112-0170, 388-112-0175, 388-112-0180, 388-112-0185, 388-112-0190, 388-112-0195, 388-112-0196, 388-112-01961, 388-112-01962, 388-112-01963, 388-112-01964, 388-112-0197, 388-112-0200, 388-112-0205, 388-112-0207, 388-112-0210, 388-112-0225, 388-112-0235, 388-112-0240, 388-112-0250, 388-112-0255, 388-112-0260, 388-112-0265, 388-112-0270, 388-112-0275, 388-112-0280, 388-112-0285, 388-112-0290, 388-112-0295, 388-112-0300, 388-112-0305, 388-112-0310, 388-112-0315, 388-112-0320, 388-112-0325, 388-112-0330, 388-112-0335, 388-112-0345, 388-112-0355, 388-112-0360, 388-112-0365, 388-112-0370, 388-112-0380, 388-112-0383, 388-112-0385, 388-112-0390, 388-112-0395, 388-112-0400, 388-112-0405, and 388-112-0410.
Adopted under notice filed as WSR 17-11-023 on May 10, 2017.
Changes Other than Editing from Proposed to Adopted Version:
1. In WAC 388-112A-0010(3) added "when developed" in reference to levels 2 and 3 capable caregiving curriculum;
2. As requested, added WAC 388-112A-0010(8) definition of "core basic training"; WAC 388-112A-0010(13) referred to long-term care worker definition;
3. As requested, added WAC 388-112A-0010(28) definition of "seventy-hour long-term care worker basic training" definition;
4. As requested, in WAC 388-112A-0010(30) removed sentence that training entities may only deliver approved curriculum;
5. As requested, added "or administrator" designee to assisted living facility (ALF) and enhanced services facility (ESF) administrator training requirement in WAC 388-112A-0030, 388-112A-0060, and 388-112A-0070;
6. As requested, replaced "prior to employment" with more precise description of "prior to providing client services" in WAC 388-112A-0070 and 388-112A-0495 when describing when long-term care workers must complete specialty training when working in ESFs;
7. As requested, replaced "basic training" reference with more precise description of "seventy-hour long-term care worker basic training" to rule and title, as applicable: WAC 388-112A-0040, 388-112A-0050, 388-112A-0060, 388-112A-0080, 388-112A-0090, 388-112A-0095, 388-112A-0110, 388-112A-0120, 388-112A-0200, 388-112A-0300, 388-112A-0310, 388-112A-0320, 388-112A-0330, 388-112A-0340, 388-112A-0350, 388-112A-0470, 388-112A-0550, 388-112A-0590, 388-112A-1020, and 388-112A-1110;
8. As requested, added "nursing assistant students" to training requirement tables who were previously identified only by reference to WAC 388-112A-0090: WAC 388-112A-0040, 388-112A-0050 and 388-112A-0060;
9. Added "the orientation, safety, and seventy-hour long-term care worker basic training" when describing what is the training in WAC 388-112A-0110;
10. As requested, added "seventy-hour long-term care worker basic training, the two hours of orientation, and the three hours of safety training" when describing what is the seventy-five hours of training in WAC 388-112A-0120.
11. As requested, added in WAC 388-112A-0210 examples of complaint telephone lines and resident grievance procedures, and referenced chapter 74.34 RCW;
12. As requested, combined WAC 388-112A-0360 into 388-112A-0340 by including what are required trainings that may be used as population specific training, thereby eliminating WAC 388-112A-0360;
13. As requested, clarified in WAC 388-112A-0540 that adult family homes (AFH) and ALFs must retain the nurse delegation certificates;
14. As requested, added the term "negotiated service agreement" to WAC 388-112A-0210 and 388-112A-0550;
15. As requested, in WAC 388-112A-0610 added information that continuing education (CE) is not required of licensed practical nurses, and registered nurses, and noted that CE is required for CNAs, and persons with special education training when those professions work in long-term care settings;
16. As requested, clarified the requirement in WAC 388-112A-0800 for ESF administrator training;
17. As requested, removed language in WAC 388-112A-0810 on period of time for certificate to be valid, and removed subsection (2) in its entirety;
18. As requested, added language to WAC 388-112A-0900 that competency tests are department of social and health services (DSHS) developed and distributed;
19. As requested, added language to WAC 388-112A-1100 to reference instructor guides and instructor policies that are distributed at the time of course approval, and clarified that certificate and attendance records may be kept electronically (eliminating the need to retain testing records);
20. As requested, removed language from WAC 388-112A-1210 that requires nonlong-term care worker training to be DSHS approved; and
21. As requested, clarified in WAC 388-112A-1240 and 388-112A-1297 that an instructor qualification for core basic, population specific, on the job training, AFH administrator training, and specialty training include the completion of an adult education class.
A final cost-benefit analysis is available by contacting Suemary Trobaugh, 4450 10th Avenue S.E., Lacey, WA 98503, phone 360-725-2516, fax 360-725-2646, email
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Date Adopted: October 20, 2017.
Cheryl Strange
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