WSR 17-24-108
[Filed December 6, 2017, 8:56 a.m.]
Subject of Possible Rule Making: Chapters 479-05, 479-10, and 479-14 WAC.
Statutes Authorizing the Agency to Adopt Rules on this Subject: Chapters 47.26 and 47.66 RCW.
Reasons Why Rules on this Subject may be Needed and What They Might Accomplish: The purpose of the proposed rule makings are to: Make technical corrections to ensure consistency within existing programs; update and harmonize local match requirements for the sidewalk and small city preservation program with existing programs; realign the small city federal match program to be more consistent with all other transportation improvement board grant programs; broaden the eligible criteria for previously funded projects; broaden award criteria for the sidewalk program; and other technical updates and clarifications.
Other Federal and State Agencies that Regulate this Subject and the Process Coordinating the Rule with These Agencies: There are no other federal or state agencies which impact this project.
Process for Developing New Rule: Negotiated rule making.
Interested parties can participate in the decision to adopt the new rule and formulation of the proposed rule before publication by contacting Kelsey Davis, P.O. Box 40901, Olympia, WA 98504-0901, phone 360-586-1146 or toll-free 800-562-6345, email, web site; or Vaughn Nelson, phone 360-586-1149, email
Additional comments: A public hearing will be held during the board's March 23 meeting in Yakima, Washington. Other public hearings may also be held, date and location to be determined. Information and proposed WAC language on our web site.
December 6, 2017
Ashley Probart
Executive Director