WSR 18-01-085
(Committee on Geographic Names)
[Filed December 15, 2017, 1:46 p.m.]
Pursuant to RCW 43.30.294, the following geographic names have been adopted by the committee and filed with the State Register:
Wildcat Pond: Lake, 10.4 acres; located on the SE side of State Route 8, directly across from the City of McCleary; the City Council of McCleary had the students of the McCleary school choose the name for the pond; Grays Harbor County, Washington; Sec 14, T18N, R5W, Willamette Meridian; 47°2'53.81"N, 123°16'22.803"W. Approved 10-23-2015.
Cooper Creek: Stream; 1.05 miles long; heads 1.6 miles S of Port Ludlow at 47°53'47.476"N, 122°39'46.895"W, flows S then E then NE to enter Hood Canal; commemorates the Cooper family, a Native American family that homesteaded much of the land surrounding the stream; Jefferson County, Washington; Sec 27, T28N, R1E, Willamette Meridian; 47°54'1.408"N, 122°38'57.992"W. Approved 10-23-2015.
Hix Bay: Bay; located on the S shore of Shaw Island, in the San Juan Islands; originally named Hix Bay after Cynthia and Louis Hix, it was incorrectly spelled "Hicks Bay" on maps and charts; San Juan County, Washington; Sec 5, T35N, R2W, Willamette Meridian; 48°33'12.007"N, 122°58'11.438"W. Approved 5-19-2016.
Shaner Creek: Stream; 1.5 miles long; heads 3.5 miles NE of the town of Rochester at 46°51'14.519"N, 123°0'41.169"W, flows W into the Black River; commemorates Melvin Shaner who started a fishing business with his son on the nearby Black River and worked to clean up the creek; Thurston County, Washington; Secs 22, 23, 24 T16N R3W, Willamette Meridian; 46°51'30.305"N, 123°2'22.163"W. Approved 5-19-2016.
Mack Creek: Stream; 4.25 miles long; heads 9.25 miles NE of Cle Elum at 47°14'47.721"N, 120°44'56.442"W, flows S/SW to enter the Teanaway River; appears as "Musser Creek" on USGS maps, the correct Musser Creek is the next tributary to the N; Kittitas County, Washington; Sec. 18, 19 & 30, T20N, R17E, W.M.; 47°11'47.935"N, 120°47'0.788"W. Approved 10-13-2016.
Beare Hill: Summit; 1,090 feet elevation, located 0.7 miles W of the town of Brookfield at 46°16'4.597"N, 123°34'19.782"W; name would replace Jim Crow Hill and commemorate Georgiana and John Beare, who purchase property in the area in the early 1900's; Wahkiakum County, Washington; Sec. 17, T9N, R7W, W.M.; 46°16'4.597"N, 123°34'19.782"W. Approved 10-13-2016.
Brookfield Point: Cape; 75 feet elevation, located 0.36 miles SW of the town of Brookfield at 46°15'38.166"N, 123°33'51.49"W; name would replace Jim Crow Point and is in reference to the nearby town of Brookfield; Wahkiakum County, Washington; Sec. 16, T9N, R7W, W.M.; 46°15'38.166"N, 123°33'51.49"W. Approved 10-13-2016.
Harlows Creek: Stream; 4.7 miles long, heads 3 miles S of the town of Grays River at 46°19'47.861"N, 123°32'41.319"W, then flows S to enter the Columbia River at the town of Brookfield; name would replace Jim Crow Creek and commemorate John and Mary Harlow who homesteaded in the area; Wahkiakum County, Washington; Sec. 4, 9, 16, T9N, R7W, and Sec. 21, 27, 33, 34 T10N R7W W.M.; 46°15'59.559"N, 123°33'7.868"W. Approved 10-13-2016.
Reef Net Bay: Bay; 0.25 miles wide, located on the SE side of Shaw Island in the San Juan Islands; Name replaces Squaw Bay, the site was used for historic reef net fishing and is still in use; San Juan County, WA; Secs 33, 34, T36N, R2W, Willamette Meridian; 48°33'37.422"N, 122°56'48.54"W. Approved 5-16-2017.
Walaluuks Creek: Stream; 16.2 miles long; heads 22 miles NE of Goldendale at 45°57'5.428"N, 120°22'4.393"W, flows E then S to enter Rock Creek; replaces Squaw Creek to honor Walaluuks, a Yakama Tribal member who lived in the valley; Klickitat County, Washington; T4, 5, 6N, R19E, Willamette Meridian; 45°47'42.190"N, 120°27'52.496"W. Approved 5-16-2017.
Hunter Creek: Stream; 2.4 miles long; heads 8.5 miles NW of the City of Shelton at 47°18'34.84"N, 123°14'23.449"W, flows E to enter the Skokomish River; Mason County, Washington; Sec 16, 17, 18, T21N, R4W, Willamette Meridian; 47°18'54.428"N, 123°11'44.601"W. Approved 5-16-2017.
Purdy Creek: Stream; 3.6 miles long; heads 8.1 miles NW of the City of Shelton at 47°16'44.544"N, 123°9'25.481"W, flows N then E to enter the Skokomish River; Mason County, Washington; Sec 15, 22, 26, 27, T21N, R4W, Willamette Meridian; 47°18'23.1"N, 123°9'14.769"W. Approved 5-16-2017.
Weaver Creek: Stream; 2.5 miles long; heads 8.3 miles NW of the City of Shelton at 47°18'13.662"N, 123°12'52.772"W, flows E to enter Purdy Creek; Mason County, Washington; Sec 15, 16, 17, T21N, R4W, Willamette Meridian; 47°18'12.211"N, 123°10'20.071"W. Approved 5-16-2017.
Houle Creek: Stream; 1.3 miles long; heads 8.2 miles SE of the town of Hyak at 47°18'17.568"N, 121°16'15.295"W, flows W to enter the Yakima River; commemorates the early French trappers that were in the area, "houle" means ridge or wave in French; Kittitas County, Washington; Sec 23 and 24, T21N, R12E, Willamette Meridian; 47°17'56.861"N, 121°17'54.007"W. Approved 10-31-2017.
Swaram Creek: Stream; 6.2 miles long; heads 7.4 miles SW of the City of Methow at 48°4'40.184"N, 120°8'34.273"W, flows E to enter the Methow River; Changes the name of the creek from "Squaw Creek" to the original name used by the native Methow area people. "Swaram" describes the type of fishing at the creek, "torch light fishing at night".; Okanogan County, Washington; T30N, R22E, Willamette Meridian; 48°5'25.19"N, 120°1'3.874"W. Approved 10-31-2017.
Steffen Creek: Stream; 3 miles long, heads 3.4 miles SE of the City of Monroe at 47°49'3.414"N, 121°55'19.447"W, then flows N then W to enter Riley Slough; name would commemorate Herman Steffen who homesteaded the land surrounding the creek, and Mr. Steffen descendants still operate Steffen Farms; Snohomish County, Washington; Sec. 7, 8, 16, 17, 21, T27N, R7E W.M.; 47°50'1.456"N, 121°58'6.559"W. Approved 10-31-2017.
Libby Creek: Stream; 1.14 miles long; heads 1.48 miles SE of the town of Boston Harbor at 47°7'51.003"N, 122°52'13.564"W, flows E then N to enter Chapman Bay; commemorates the Libby family who homesteaded along the trail that is now Libby Road; Thurston County, Washington; Sec 13, T19N, R2W, Willamette Meridian; 47°8'19.612"N, 122°51'22.591"W. Approved 10-31-2017.
Reviser's note: The typographical errors in the above section occurred in the copy filed by the agency and appear in the Register pursuant to the requirements of RCW 34.08.040.