WSR 18-02-051
[Filed December 28, 2017, 10:11 a.m.]
Notice of Interpretive or Policy Statement
In accordance with RCW 34.05.230(12), following is a list of policy and interpretive statements issued by the department of social and health services (DSHS).
Aging and Long-Term Support Administration
Division of Home and Community Services (HCS)
Document Title: Public Notice.
Subject: COPES waiver amendment.
Effective Date: June 1, 2018.
Document Description: The federal money follows the person (MFP) demonstration grant will no longer be available to assist eligible individuals who desire to transition out of institutions after December 31, 2018. In Washington state, the MFP grant is known as roads to community living (RCL).
To prepare for the end of the MFP grant, the agency and DSHS intend to submit an amendment to the COPES Waiver (WA.0049) effective June 1, 2018, to add services that have proven to be effective through RCL and the state-funded Washington roads program. The agency and DSHS propose to add the following services:
Community choice guiding
Community support: Goods and services
These services will assist COPES participants to meet their health and safety needs by establishing or maintaining a stable community living situation.
The following RCL demonstration services will remain available through other existing programs:
Behavior support
Occupational therapy
Physical therapy
Substance use disorder services
Speech/communication therapy
Adult day health
Assistive technology
Informal caregiver supports
The following services were infrequently utilized during the RCL demonstration period and will not be added to the waiver or state plan:
Individual provider respite
Agency provider respite
Service animal
Residential environmental modifications
Vehicle adaptations
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