WSR 19-13-033
[Filed June 12, 2019, 10:59 a.m.]
Title or Subject: Medicaid State Plan Amendment (SPA) 19-0018 Integrated Managed Care.
Effective Date: July 1, 2019.
Description: The health care authority (HCA) intends to submit medicaid SPA 19-0018 to reflect the next implementation of the integration of mental health and substance use disorder services (collectively known as "behavioral health") into an integrated managed care (IMC) program under contract with apple health managed care organizations. SPA 19-0018 also updates the IMC section of the state plan to reflect that the following medicaid services are currently covered by the IMC program: Substance use disorder peer support and medication assisted therapy.
On July 1, 2019, HCA will implement IMC in the North Sound regional service area (RSA). The North Sound RSA consists of Island, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish, Spokane, and Whatcom counties.
SPA 19-0018 is expected to have no effect on the annual aggregate expenditures, reimbursement, or payment for managed care organizations.
A copy of SPA 19-0018 is available for review. HCA would appreciate any input or concerns regarding this SPA. To request a copy of the SPA, you may contact the person named below. To submit comments, please contact the person named below (please note that all comments are subject to public review and disclosure, as are the names of those who comment).
Contact Johnny Shults, Managed Care Programs, 626 8th Avenue S.E., Olympia, WA 98504, phone 360-725-0480, TRS 711, fax 360-664-0261, email