WSR 19-16-058
[Filed July 30, 2019, 12:11 p.m.]
The University of Washington has recently created or revised the following bylaws, orders, policy statements, scholastic regulations, and faculty code:
"Campus, College, and School Faculties: Authority to Determine Organization and Procedure," revised June 26, 2019 (FCG, Chapter 23, Section 23-45).
"Shared Leave Program for Time Off Accruing Staff, Students, Librarians, and Educators," revised May 15, 2019 (APS 45.10).
"Credit/No Credit," revised April 15, 2019 (SGP, Chapter 110, Section 1.A.7.a).
"Academic Probation and Dismissal for Low Scholarship," revised March 12, 2019 (SGP, Chapter 107).
"Senate Committee on Planning and Budgeting," revised March 1, 2019 (FCG, Chapter 22, Section 22-91).
"Appointment of Faculty Councils," revised March 1, 2019 (FCG, Chapter 42, Section 42-32).
"Lump Sum Relocation Payment," revised February 26, 2019 (APS 34.2).
"Internal Controls to Minimize Risk Over Cash Receipts," revised February 15, 2019 (APS 31.1).
"Enrollment for University On-Site Childcare Centers Located in Seattle," revised February 15, 2019 (APS 51.1).
"Service Animals," revised January 28, 2019 (APS 46.6).
For more information regarding University of Washington policy please visit the following site:
For more information regarding these materials contact Barbara Lechtanski, Director of University Policy and Rules Office, University of Washington, Box 351210, Seattle, WA 98195-1210, or email