WSR 20-03-063
[Filed January 9, 2020, 4:02 p.m.]
Semi-Annual Rule-Making Agenda
January - June 2020
The department of transportation (WSDOT) prepares a semi-annual rule-making agenda in January and July each year to inform the public of expected upcoming rule changes. Pursuant to RCW 34.05.314, the agenda is published in the Washington State Register.
WSDOT encourages the public to be involved in the rule-making processes by attending public hearings and submitting comments on rules.
Additional rule-making information is available on the department's website at
Subject Matter
or Division
WAC Chapter
or Section
Purpose and Scope
of Rule Making
Filings (CR-101)
Proposed Rule and Public Hearing
Filings (CR-102 or CR-105 Expedited)
Permanent Rule
Filing (CR-103)
Small business and veteran owned business
Correction made to authority.
WSR 19-13-012
Planned filing in February 2020
Traffic operations
Measurement exclusive devices.
WSR 19-21-130
Planned filing in spring 2020
Traffic operations
Certification requirements for pilot car drivers.
WSR 20-01-108
Planned filing in spring 2020
Innovative partnerships
Expand language to include hydrogen fuel cell and other alternative fuel infrastructure.
WSR 19-23-037
Planned filing in spring 2020
Planned filing in summer 2020
Commute trip reduction
Update requirements and procedures for employers and jurisdictions to be added or exempted from the program.
WSR 18-22-122
WSR 19-24-017
Planned filing in January 2020
Highway access control
Provide flexibility for allowing transit-only access at interchange ramps.
Planned filing in early 2020
WSDOT is responsible for initiating rule making to implement new state laws, meet federal requirements, and to meet unforeseen circumstances. Because of this variability, this agenda is prepared for information purposes only and any dates noted herein are planning estimates that are subject to change. Additional rule making can occur in addition to what is listed on this agenda.
This agenda does not constitute a rule or rule-making action. Any errors or omissions in this agenda do not affect the actual rules or rule-making notices filed with the office of the code reviser and published in the Washington State Register.
If you have additional questions, please contact the agency rules coordinator, Karen Engle, at 360-704-6362, or email