WSR 20-03-143
[Filed January 17, 2020, 4:16 p.m.]
Following is the department of children, youth, and families (DCYF) semi-annual rule-making agenda for January 1 through June 30, 2020. This agenda will be published in the Washington State Register as required in RCW 34.05.314 and distributed to interested parties. It is also available on the DCYF internet page.
This agenda represents DCYF rules anticipated or under development at this time. There may be additional rule-making activities needed to meet legislative actions, comply with federal mandates, or meet unforeseen circumstances.
Semi-Annual Rule-Making Agenda
January 1 - June 30, 2020
WAC Sections
Subject Matter
CR-101 Filings
CR-102 or
CR-105 Filings
CR-103E Filings
Chapter 110-03
Administrative Hearings: Establish procedures, practices, and requirements for the department's informal dispute resolution process and adjudicative proceedings.
WSR 18-21-127
Filed 10/18/18
WSR 19-23-087
Filed 11/19/19
WSR 19-23-087
Filed 11/19/19
Chapters 110-04 and 110-06
Background Checks: Amending rules to revise criminal convictions that may disqualify an individual from being licensed, contracted, certified, or authorized to have unsupervised access to children, or trigger further review to determine the applicant's character, suitability, and competence to have unsupervised access to children. Rule making will also implement chapter 9.97 RCW to explain: (1) When certificates of restoration of opportunity (CROP) will be included in criminal history record reports, qualifying letters, or other assessments during a background check, and (2) under what circumstances a CROP will not apply.
WSR 19-20-096
Filed 10/1/19
Chapters 110-04 and 110-145
Children Administration Background Checks and Group Care Facility Licensing: Amending rules for group care facilities to align with recent changes in federal legislation regarding fingerprint requirements.
WSR 18-21-125
Filed 10/18/18
WSR 20-02-032
Filed 12/19/19
WSR 19-20-041
Filed 9/25/19
Working Connections and Seasonal Child Care: Amending WAC to align with DCYF's administrative hearing rules chapter 110-03 WAC.
WSR 19-23-088
Filed 11/19/19
Chapter 110-15
Working Connections and Seasonal Child Care: Updating rules to allow for a partial day monthly child care subsidy rate. 
WSR 20-02-048
Filed 12/23/19
Chapter 110-148
Foster Care Licensing: Implementing new national family home licensing standards.
WSR 19-16-056
Filed 7/30/19
WSR 19-24-104
Filed 12/4/19
Foster Care Licensing: Establish capacity for a foster family home, exceptions that may be allowed at the department's discretion, and the necessary requirements for approving exceptions. (Permanent rule included in rule making under WSR 19-24-104.)
WSR 19-20-092
Filed 10/1/19
Chapter 110-148
Foster Care Licensing: DCYF is considering amendments to better clarify licensing requirements, make necessary updates, and better align the chapter with DCYF's mission of protecting children and strengthening families so they flourish.
Anticipate filing
Chapter 110-305
Child Care Licensing: Aligning school-age child care licensing rules with chapter 110-300 WAC.
WSR 19-24-033
Filed 11/25/19
Chapter 110-300
Child Care Licensing: Amending training requirements to fully comply with the reauthorized Child Care and Development Block Grant Act and related federal rules.
WSR 19-13-015
Filed 6/7/19
Child Care Licensing: Rule making in response to a petition for repeal of WAC 110-300-0185(2).
WSR 19-21-136
Filed 10/21/19
Chapter 110-300
Child Care Licensing: DCYF is considering amending its foundational quality standards for early learning programs to better clarify licensing requirements and make necessary updates.
Anticipate filing
Juvenile Rehabilitation: Amending the rule relating to residential disciplinary standards as required by SSB 5815 (effective July 28, 2019), which directs DCYF to adopt and implement rules based on empirically validated best practices to appropriately address offenses involving unlawful use or possession of a controlled substance and unlawful use or possession of alcohol committed by individuals placed in juvenile community facilities.
WSR 19-16-024
Filed 7/26/19
WSR 19-21-010
Filed 10/3/19
WSR 19-16-023
Filed 7/26/19
Juvenile Rehabilitation: Modifying the approved leave allowance for minimum security juvenile offenders in accordance with SSB 5815 §1.
WSR 19-21-024
Filed 10/7/19
Title 110
All DCYF rules: Making necessary housekeeping changes after the decodification of department of social and health services children's administration and juvenile rehabilitations and department of early learning rules recodified in Title 110 WAC.
WSR 19-21-015
Filed 10/4/19
Brenda Villarreal
Rules Coordinator