WSR 20-03-147
[Filed January 21, 2020, 8:14 a.m.]
Semi-Annual Rule-Making Agenda
January through June 2020
The commissioner has introduced the following rule making. This list is current as of January 21, 2020. There may be additional rule-making activity not included on this agenda and all information referenced is subject to change. For questions, please contact Bryon Welch, or 360-725-7037.
Statutory Authority
Current Activity
Service contract providers and protection product guarantee providers
WSR 16-18-065
Filing 9/2/16
WSR 19-21-174
Filing 10/23/19
RCW 48.02.060 (3)(a), sections 3(9), 4 (1)(c), chapter 56, Laws of 2019
Confidential communication
WSR 19-15-129
Filing 7/23/19
RCW 48.43.007, 48.43.510, chapter 11, Laws of 2019, ESHB 1099
Network access and notice requirements
WSR 19-14-113
Filing 7/2/19
Administrative hearings
WSR 16-12-081
Filing 5/31/16
Section 4, chapter 171, Laws of 2019, ESHB 1879, RCW 48.02.060
RX drug utilization management
WSR 19-18-089
Filing 9/4/19
Other Possible Rule-Making Topics: In addition to the rules referenced above, the commissioner continues his effort to update and clarify code, as well as implement recent legislation. A potential list of subjects that may be considered for future rule making include or may include:
Adjuster issues.
Annuity marketing and disclosure requirements.
Barriers to patient care access resulting from contracting practices.
Coordination of benefits.
Dental insurance practices.
Discontinuation and renewal of health plan coverage.
Discrimination in health care plan design.
Electronic filing of state specific reporting.
Electronic notices and document delivery of insurance products.
Essential health benefits.
Fixing outdates [outdated] references.
Health care coverage in general.
Health care coverage specific to dependents and incapacitated children.
Implementation of state legislation or reform.
Implementation of federal legislation or reform.
Licensing requirements.
Life and disability issues.
Market stabilization.
Medical parity.
Minimum valuation standards.
NAIC Model Act implementation.
Pharmacy formulary tiers.
Pharmacy exceptions, substitutions and appeals process.
Pediatric dental.
Prelicensing insurance education.
Producer issues.
Producer commissions.
Property and casualty issues.
Ride-sharing insurance coverage.
Summary of health insurance benefits coverage.
Rating variables.
Mike Kreidler