WSR 20-13-007
[Filed June 4, 2020, 5:50 p.m.]
This memo serves as notice that the department of health (department) is withdrawing the CR-101 for chapter 246-803 WAC, Acupuncture and Eastern medicine practitioner. The department was considering establishing a new section of rule for continuing education requirements, changing the reference of "East Asian" to "Acupuncture and Eastern medicine," and other housekeeping changes. The CR-101 was filed October 1, 2019, and published in WSR 19-20-095.
The department is withdrawing this CR-101 because a new CR-101 is being filed to incorporate additional legislation that was implemented during the 2020 legislative session. The new CR-101 will consider rule making to implement various legislative changes throughout the chapter, including: Adding continuing education; making title changes; repealing apprenticeship and tutorial requirements; repealing the AIDS education and training requirement; updating citations; and adding new rules for suicide prevention and education. This will include mandates from the following bills:
SHB 1865 (chapter 308, Laws of 2019).
ESHB 1551 (chapter 76, Laws of 2020).
SHB 2378 (chapter 80, Laws of 2020).
ESHB 2411 (chapter 229, Laws of 2020).
Individuals requiring information on this rule should contact Vicki Brown, program manager for the acupuncture and Eastern medicine practitioner program at 360-236-4865.
Tami M. Thompson
Regulatory Affairs Manager