WSR 20-16-071
[Filed July 29, 2020, 9:32 a.m.]
Following is the department of children, youth, and families (DCYF) semi-annual rule-making agenda for July 1 through December 31, 2020. This agenda will be published in the Washington State Register as required in RCW 34.05.314 and distributed to interested parties. It is also available on the DCYF Rule Making internet page.
This agenda represents DCYF rule making that is anticipated or under development at this time. There may be additional rule-making activities needed to meet legislative actions, comply with federal mandates, or meet unforeseen circumstances.
Semi-Annual Rule-Making Agenda
January [July] 1 - June [December] 30, 2020
WAC Sections
Subject Matter
CR-101 Filings
CR-102 or
CR-105 Filings
CR-103E Filings
New chapter
Background Checks: Establishing new rules to implement chapter 270, Laws of 2020 Certificates of parental involvement.
Anticipate filing
Chapters 110-04 and 110-06
Background Checks: Amending rules to revise criminal convictions that may disqualify an individual from being licensed, contracted, certified, or authorized to have unsupervised access to children, or trigger further review to determine the applicant's character, suitability, and competence to have unsupervised access to children. Rule making will also implement chapter 9.97 RCW to explain: (1) When certificates of restoration of opportunity (CROP) will be included in criminal history record reports, qualifying letters, or other assessments during a background check, and (2) under what circumstances a CROP will not apply.
WSR 19-20-096
Filed 10/1/19
Working Connections and Seasonal Child Care: Amending WAC to align with DCYF's administrative hearing rules chapter 110-03 WAC.
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Chapter 110-15
Working Connections and Seasonal Child Care: Rule making may be necessary to implement collective or impact bargaining agreements reached by family home child care providers and the department.
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Working Connections and Seasonal Child Care: Amending to implement chapter 406, Laws of 2019, which grants eligibility to certain student parents attending community, tribal, and technical colleges.
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110-15-4500 through 110-15-4580
Working Connections and Seasonal Child Care: Amending rules to better explain when and for whom the department provides child care, the child care rates that may be paid, and the tax responsibility for those payments.
Anticipate filing
Working Connections and Seasonal Child Care: Amending to implement rate increases as directed by chapter 279, Laws of 2020, and extending the homeless grace period in accordance with chapter 357, Laws of 2020.
WSR 20-13-078
Filed 6/16/20
Chapter 110-15
Working Connections and Seasonal Child Care: Amending to implement chapter 330, Laws of 2020, which grants eligibility to certain teen parents enrolled in high school or an equivalency program.
Anticipate filing
Chapters 110-16 and 110-06
Licensing-License-Exempt Child Care: Amendments are necessary to ensure license-exempt family, friends, and neighbors child care providers fully comply with child care and development fund (CCDF) background checks as well as health and safety requirements.
WSR 20-14-004
Filed 6/17/20
Chapters 110-145, 110-147, and 110-148
Licensing: Amending Title 110 WAC to better address the needs of and promote culturally relevant service delivery to LGBTQ+ identifying children and youth served by the department.
WSR 20-10-082
Filed 5/4/20
110-300-0011 and 110-300-1001
Licensing-Early Learning/Child Care: Amending to implement chapter 343, Laws of 2020, which allows the department to transfer a child care license when ownership of a child care agency transfers.
WSR 20-11-009
Filed 5/11/20
Chapter 110-300
Licensing-Early Learning/Child Care: Amending to implement chapter 342, Laws of 2020, child care providers' professional development.
Anticipate filing
Chapter 110-300
Licensing-Early Learning/Child Care: DCYF is considering amendments intended to better clarify licensing requirements and make necessary updates.
Anticipate filing
Chapter 110-305
Licensing-School-Age Early Learning/Child Care: Amending to align school-age child care licensing rules with chapter 110-300 WAC.
WSR 19-24-033
Filed 11/25/19
Title 110 WAC
Relative Guardianship Assistance: Establishing new rules for eligibility, application, and program standards consistent with 42 U.S.C. 673 to ensure relative guardianship subsidy payments comply with guidelines for expenditure of federal grant monies. Rules will clarify the application process, program standards, and the process for adjudicating denied applications.
Anticipate filing
Title 110 WAC
COVID-19: The department anticipates emergency rule making in response to COVID-19 developments and to implement related governor's proclamations.
Title 110 WAC
Technical Corrections: The department continues to make housekeeping changes necessary after the decodification of department of social and health services children's administration and juvenile rehabilitations and department of early learning rules and their recodification in Title 110 WAC.
Anticipate filing
Brenda Villarreal
Rules Coordinator