WSR 21-04-008
[Filed January 21, 2021, 8:36 a.m.]
Title 181 WAC
Semi-Annual Rule-Making Agenda for
January 2021 to July 2020 [2021]
Listed below is the professional educator standards board, Title 181 WAC, semi-annual rules development agenda for publication in the Washington State Register. This list identifies rules that we have under active development and rules that the agency anticipates beginning action on during the next six months.
Current information on our rule-making activity is available on our website. As circumstances warrant, there may be additional rule-making activity not on this agenda. That information will be posted on our website.
If you have questions about this agenda, Maren Johnson's email address is and phone is 360-867-8424.
WAC Citation
Subject Matter of Rule
Review system and program standards for school counselor and school psychologist preparation programs.
CR-101 anticipated January 2021.
CR-102 anticipated June 2021.
181-77, 181-77A, 181-78A, 181-79A, and 181-80
Clarification and reorganization of WAC language on educator preparation program standards. Changes are nonsubstantive.
CR-102 January 2021.
CR-103P anticipated March 2021.
181-79A-213 and 181-79A-226
Nonsubstantive update to numbering in WAC citation for issues of abuse coursework requirement for administrators and educational staff associates.
CR-105 January 2021.
CR-103P March 2021.
Title 181
Rule making to reflect recommendations from the educator professional growth workgroup on specialty endorsements and educator professional learning.
CR-101 January 2021.
CR-102 anticipated July 2021.
181-77, 181-79A, 181-82, 181-82A, and 181-85
Credentialing for educators of the blind, visually impaired, deaf, hard of hearing.
CR-102 anticipated January 2021.
CR-103P anticipated March 2021.
Extension of educator permits in response to pandemic closures.
CR-103P January 2021.
Excellence in teacher preparation award. Repeal WAC for which RCW has already been repealed. No material change.
CR-103P anticipated February 2021.
181-77, 181-79A, and 181-85
Residency, professional, and career level benchmarks for educators. Clarification and technical changes regarding existing policy for educator certificate renewal and reissuance.
CR-102 anticipated June 2021.
Maren Johnson
Rules Coordinator