WSR 22-14-032
[Filed June 24, 2022, 4:42 p.m.]
Rules Development Agenda for August 2022 through January 2023
The Administrative Procedure Act requires state agencies to prepare a biannual rules development agenda that includes the issues under consideration for rule making for the upcoming six-month period. RCW 34.05.314. Agendas are published in the State Register at the end of January and July each year. Staff proposes the following rule-making agenda for the period from August 2022 through January 2023:
Update campaign reporting for digital political advertising (chapter 390-16 WAC).
Over the last few years, the commission has reviewed and analyzed the policy and mechanisms for improving disclosure in the evolving area of digital political advertising. A product of this work was the adoption of rules earlier this year updating the requirements for commercial advertisers to maintain records of the digital political advertising they sell. Another step in this work is focusing on the detail of campaign reporting of expenditures on political advertising. The commission will consider making improvements in disclosure requirements for campaigns to report on political advertising and other activities.
Update the registration and reporting requirements for continuing political committees (chapter 390-16 WAC). Under current law, a continuing political committee may register and identify multiple campaigns it supports or opposes in its registration. It also may amend its registration to add or delete campaigns. The identification of multiple campaigns can make it difficult to track the history of a continuing PAC and to attribute its spending on any particular campaign. The commission will consider ways to identify the campaigns in which a continuing PAC is actively participating, and to match the reported funding and expenditures with each specific campaign.
Adjustments to the inflationary index (chapters 390-20 and 390-24 WAC).* Under RCW 42.17A.125, the commission must periodically consider revising the values set for contribution limits, reporting thresholds, and code values, in reference to any economic changes reflected by the inflationary index. Such revisions must be adopted in rules. The period for consideration is between every two and five years. The current values will be evaluated and considered for possible adjustments in rule.
* Holdover from the January-July 2022 agenda.
Sean Flynn
General Counsel