WSR 22-16-030
[Filed July 25, 2022, 4:31 p.m.]
Following is the department of children, youth, and families (DCYF) semi-annual rule-making agenda for July 1 through December 31, 2022. This agenda will be published in the Washington State Register as required in RCW 34.05.314 and distributed to interested parties. It is also available on the DCYF rule-making web page.
This agenda represents DCYF rule making that is anticipated or under development at this time. There may be additional rule-making activities needed to implement legislative actions, comply with federal mandates, or meet unforeseen circumstances.
Semi-Annual Rule-Making Agenda
July 1 - December 31, 2022
WAC Sections
Subject Matter
CR-101 Filings
CR-102 or
CR-105 Filings
CR-103E Filings
110-30-0230 and 110-30-0280
Child Protective Services: Amending to better align WAC 110-30-0230 and 110-30-0280 with RCW 26.44.125.
WSR 22-07-030
Filed 4/26/22
Licensing - Foster Care: Amending to implement chapter 304, Laws of 2021, which authorizes the department to issue child-specific foster care licenses.
WSR 21-12-013
Filed 5/120/21 [5/20/21]
WSR 22-09-087
Filed 5/24/22
110-145-1425, 110-145-1430, 110-145-1440, 110-145-1445, 110-145-1450, 110-145-1460, 110-145-1475, 110-145-1490, and 110-145-1725
Licensing - Foster Care: Amending education, experience, and other prerequisites for executive directors, program managers, case managers, direct care staff, case management consultants, and volunteers who work is [as] group care facilities and crisis residential centers.
WSR 21-01-032
Filed 12/7/20
WSR 22-01-207
Filed 12/21/21
WSR 22-12-070
Filed 5/27/21
Licensing - Early Learning Child Care: Amending in response to a petition for rule making requires early learning providers to prevent the viewing of a partially or fully undressed child during diaper changes by members of the public who are not on the early learning premises.
WSR 21-24-004
Filed 11/18/21
WSR 22-12-069
Filed 5/27/21
Chapter 110-300D
Licensing - Outdoor Preschool Pilot Project: Expedited repealer proposed upon the completion of the pilot authorized by now expired RCW 43.216.740.
WSR 22-13-022
Filed 6/3/22
Working Connections and Seasonal Child Care Programs - Rates: Amending to increase child care center rates.
WSR 22-13-001
Filed 6/1/22
WSR 22-14-096
Filed 7/1/122 [7/1/22]
Chapter 110-720
Juvenile Rehabilitation and Administrative Hearings: Repealing rules that authorized collecting the costs of support, treatment, and confinement from families of incarcerated youth.
WSR 22-09-053
Filed 4/15/22
WSR 22-13-071
Filed 6/9/22
Administrative Hearings: Amending to update the instructions for petitioning for review of initial administrative hearing orders.
Chapter 110-50
Child Welfare: Amending to change the types of cases referred to Division of Child Support to revise conditions under which child support is not collected.
WSR 22-04-056
Filed 1/27/22
Chapter 110-425
Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP): Rules are needed to implement section 204, chapter 199, Laws of 2021 (eligibility for three- to five-year old children who are not age eligible for kindergarten), subsection 205 (early ECEAP entry), section 206 (enrollment), and section 403 (eligibility for birth to three ECEAP).
WSR 22-10-040
Filed 4/27/22
Title 110 WAC
Juvenile Rehabilitation: DCYF expects to develop rules to implement E2SHB 1186 (2021), which created a community transition services program for youth and young adults in juvenile rehabilitation residential facilities.
WSR 21-13-019
Filed 6/21/21
Title 110 WAC (new chapter)
Licensing - Early Learning Child Care: Developing rules that will set standards for a pilot project authorized by section 229, chapter 334, Laws of 2021, to explore the feasibility of licensing multi-site child care programs that operate under one owner or entity.
WSR 22-04-018
Filed 1/21/22
Tile 110 WAC (new chapter)
Licensing - Outdoor Nature-Based Programs: Developing rules that will set foundational standards for licensed outdoor nature-based early learning programs.
WSR 21-12-013
Filed 5/20/21
Chapter 110-300
Licensing - Early Learning Child Care: DCYF is considering amendments intended to better clarify emergency exit requirements, update immunization requirements necessary to align chapter 110-300 WAC with the department of health's rules, and make other technical corrections.
WSR 21-15-060
Filed 2/16/21
Chapters 110-300 and 110-16
Licensing - Early Learning Child Care and Working Connections and Seasonal Child Care Programs: Planned rule making will expand the viability of dual licenses to provider foster care and child care in a family home.
WSR 22-09-054
Filed 4/8/22
Chapter 110-16
License-Exempt Child Care: Anticipated rules will authorize waivers under certain circumstances for license-exempt child care providers participating in working connections child care who are not able to comply with certain requirements.
WSR 22-12-064
Filed 5/27/22
Chapter 110-01
Public Disclosure: Anticipated amendments will better align rules with current public disclosure procedures.
Title 110 WAC
Relative Guardianship Assistance: Developing new rules for eligibility, application, and program standards consistent with 42 U.S.C. 673 to ensure relative guardianship subsidy payments comply with guidelines for expenditure of federal grant monies. Rules will clarify the application process, program standards, and the process for adjudicating denied applications.
WSR 20-15-092
Filed 7/15/20
Chapter 110-15
Working Connections and Seasonal Child Care: Developing rules to implement dual language awards and trauma-informed care supports as authorized for child care providers by chapter 199, Laws of 2021.
WSR 21-15-028
Filed 7/12/21
Title 110 WAC
COVID-19: The department anticipates emergency rule making in response to COVID-19 developments and to implement related governor's proclamations.
Title 110 WAC
Technical corrections are necessary following the establishment of DCYF following the mergers of DSHS children's and juvenile rehabilitation administrations and the department of early learning.
Brenda Villarreal
Rules Coordinator