WSR 22-16-052
[Filed July 28, 2022, 10:19 a.m.]
The University of Washington has recently created or revised the following bylaws, orders, policy statements, scholastic regulations, and faculty code:
"Admission," revised June 3, 2022 (SGP, Chapter 101).
"Gift Acceptance," new June 27, 2022 (APS 36.3).
"Advisory Committees and Boards of the Board of Regents," revised May 13, 2022 (BRG, Standing Orders, Chapter 4).
"Eligibility and Enrollment Priority for University On-Site Childcare Centers," revised May 13, 2022 (APS 51.1).
"Requirements for the Bachelor's Degree," revised April 29, 2022 (SGP, Chapter 114, Section 2).
"Membership of Faculty Councils and Faculty Committees," revised April 15, 2022 (FCG, Chapter 21, Section 21-61).
"Advisory Committees and Boards of the Board of Regents," revised March 10, 2022 (BRG, Standing Orders, Chapter 4).
"Naming Policy," revised March 10, 2022 (BRG, Regent Policy No. 50).
"The Grading System," revised February 18, 2022 (SGP, Scholastic Regulations, Chapter 110, Section 1).
"Official International Student Travel," revised February 15, 2022 (SGP, Student Policies, Chapter 211).
"Types of University Personnel," revised February 1, 2022 (APS 40.1).
"Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Coverage for University Employees," revised February 1, 2022 (APS 45.5).
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