WSR 22-17-018
[Filed August 4, 2022, 4:44 p.m.]
Following is the department of enterprise services' (DES) semi-annual rules development agenda for publication in the Washington State Register. This list identifies rules that are under active development and rules that the agency anticipates starting some rule-making action on during the next six months.
This agenda also is available on our rule-making website [contact agency for link]. We update rule-making information on our website as rule making progresses. If we start rule-making activities not listed on this agenda or stop listed rule-making activities, we immediately post that information to our rule-making website and inform interested and known affected parties.
Jack Zeigler is available if you have questions about this agenda at email
Semi-Annual Rule-Making Agenda
July 1 through December 31, 2022
WAC Citation
Purpose of Rule Making
Current Activity/Approximate Filing Date
Chapter 200-110 WAC, Self-insurance requirements as to local governments
Amend rule to:
•Align with statutory changes placing health insurance for school employees under the oversight of the newly formed school employees benefits board.
•Align with recent changes to other self-insurance rules addressing solvency requirements and independent audit requirements.
Proposed rules (CR-102) were filed in April 2022. The public comment period has completed. No comments were received, and we anticipate adopting permanent rules without changes in mid-August.
Chapter 200-100 WAC, Self-insurance requirements as to local governments
Amend rule to:
•Allow the pilotage commission to self-insure through the local government risk pool. This change is restricted to liability coverage only.
•Provide improved understanding of the rules relative to reserve levels. This clarification change will not change rule requirements.
Proposed rules (CR-102) were filed in August 2022. We anticipate completing the public comment period and adopting permanent rules in mid-September.
Chapter 200-220 WAC, Use of the public areas of the capitol buildings and grounds
Amend rule to:
•Align rules with current law and practices.
•Clarify DES has delegated enforcement authority to the Washington state patrol.
•Establish an exclusion process and associated appeal process.
A preproposal statement of inquiry (CR-101) was filed with the office of the code reviser in April 2022. We are currently seeking feedback on a preliminary discussion draft and anticipate filing proposed rules (CR-102) in late August.
Jack Zeigler
Rules and Policy Manager