WSR 23-12-102
[Filed June 7, 2023, 9:38 a.m., effective October 29, 2023]
Effective Date of Rule: October 29, 2023.
Purpose: To delay the effective date of the rules adopted under WSR 23-02-060, the 2021 Washington State Energy Code, Residential Provisions, chapter 51-11R WAC. The council is delaying the effective date for an additional 120 days, from July 1, 2023, to October 29, 2023, to evaluate what, if any, changes are necessary to maintain compliance with the Energy Policy and Conservation Act given the recent 9th circuit court of appeals ruling on the Berkeley, California ordinance. All sections filed within WSR 23-02-060 are delayed with the publication of this rule filing, in accordance with RCW 34.05.380 (3)(b).
Citation of Rules Affected by this Order: All new, repealed, and amended sections filed within WSR 23-02-060.
Statutory Authority for Adoption: RCW 19.27A.020, 19.27A.045, 19.27A.160.
Other Authority: Chapter 19.72A [19.27A] RCW.
Adopted under notice filed as WSR 22-17-149 on August 23, 2022.
Changes Other than Editing from Proposed to Adopted Version: This rule revises the effective date of the adopted rules from July 1, 2023, to October 29, 2023.
Date Adopted: May 24, 2023.
Tony Doan
Council Chair