WSR 24-04-079
[Filed February 5, 2024, 9:34 a.m.]
This memo serves as notice that the department of health (department) is rescinding policy statement OHSC DM-1.1 Standards for donor human milk. This statement was originally filed on December 22, 2022, as WSR 23-02-005.
This policy statement provided guidance to donor milk banks and insurance carriers consistent with RCW 43.70.645 until the department adopted permanent rules. The policy statement served as the milk bank safety standards established by the department for inpatient use for the purpose of RCW 43.70.645 and 48.43.815, clarified and added a definition addressing donor human milk obtained from a milk bank for the purposes of ensuring inclusion of donor milk provided by renumerated donors and ensuring inclusive language use.
The department is rescinding this policy statement because it is superseded by permanent rules that were adopted August 22, 2023, filed as WSR 23-17-149 with an effective date of September 22, 2023, making the policy statement obsolete.
Individuals requiring information on this should contact Me'kyel Bailey, lead policy advisor, email, or phone 360-754-9161.