WSR 97-22-103



[Filed November 5, 1997, 10:28 a.m.]

puget sound

air pollution control agency

notice of public hearing

December 11, 1997

The board of directors of the Puget Sound Air Pollution Control Agency will conduct a public hearing on December 11, 1997 to consider a variance request from the United States Army, Fort Lewis (Ft. Lewis). The hearing will start at 9:00 a.m. at the agency's office (address below).

The United States Army has requested a variance for its three heat recovery incinerators located at Fort Lewis. PSAPCA previously issued an Order of Approval to Fort Lewis to construct and operate these incinerators. Through this permit approval process, PSAPCA determined the incinerators employed the best available control technology and toxic air contaminant emissions would not exceed acceptable source impact levels. The permit required the facility to meet emission limits specified in EPA guidance and use good combustion practices to minimize air emissions of hazardous air pollutants. Fort Lewis has performed testing of these units and demonstrated the ability to meet these requirements. However, the heat recovery incinerators cannot comply with the residence time requirements in the Department of Ecology solid waste incinerator rule (WAC 173-434-160). The intent of the residence time and other design requirements is to assure adequate control of emissions without requiring extensive testing of municipal waste combustor organics. Fort Lewis is requesting a variance from the residence time requirements, and will demonstrate compliance through annual testing as specified in the permit.

A threshold determination of nonsignificance has been issued and is on file at the agency for public review, along with copies of the environmental checklist.

Interested persons may submit oral testimony at the hearing or submit written comments to the agency by December 1, 1997, by sending a FAX to (206) 343-7522 or writing to the Air Pollution Control Officer at Puget Sound Air Pollution Control Agency, 110 Union Street, Suite 500, Seattle, WA 98101-2038.

If adopted, the variance will be submitted to the Department of Ecology for its approval and to the United States Environmental Protection Agency as an amendment to the Washington state implementation plan.

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