WSR 98-01-119


[Filed December 18, 1997, 11:53 a.m.]

semi-annual rules agenda

insurance commissioner deborah senn

December 31, 1997

In accordance with section 206, chapter 409, Laws of 1997, Insurance Commissioner Deborah Senn states that the following rules are currently scheduled for consideration during the period January 1, 1998, through July 31, 1998:

1. Rules regarding rate filings for health insurance products -- R97-2.

2. Rules to implement federal tax law ("Kennedy-Kassebaum" or "HIPAA"):

* Accelerated Death Benefits R 96-13

* Long-Term Care R 96-12 (on hold - awaiting federal rules from the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and model rules from the NAIC)

* Viatical Settlement Companies R 96-14 (on hold)

3. Life insurance disclosure rules to implement new state law on life insurance illustrations (new rules) -- R 97-4.

4. Annuity tables, arising out of a petition for rule-making initiated by the ACLI (amends current rules) -- R 97-5.

5. Medicare supplement -- rules to implement federal changes in the federal 1997 balanced budget bill (awaiting model rules from the NAIC).

6. Digital signature rules -- to implement chapter 19.34 RCW -- R 97-6.

7. Fraternal Benefit Society risk-based capital rules (amends current rules).

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