WSR 97-13-022



[June 5, 1997]


OF THE AMENDMENT TO RAP 18.13 ) NO. 25700-A-606

The Attorney General and the Washington State Bar Association having recommended the adoption of the proposed amendments to RAP 18.13. The Supreme Court Domestic Relations Commission amended the rule, and the Court having considered the amendment and comments submitted thereto, and having determined that the proposed amendment will aid in the prompt and orderly administration of justice;

Now, therefore, it is hereby


(a) That the amendment as attached hereto is adopted.

(b) That the amendment will be published in the Washington Reports and will become effective September 1, 1997.

DATED at Olympia, Washington this 5th day of June, 1997.



Dolliver, J. Madsen, J.

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Smith, J. Talmadge, J.

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Guy, J. Alexander, J.

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Johnson, J. Sanders, J.

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RAP 18.13

accelerated review of dispositions in
juvenile offense, juvenile

dependency and termination of parental
rights proceedings

(a) Generally. A dDispositions in a juvenile offense proceeding which is beyond the standard range for that such offense, juvenile dependency and termination of parental rights, may shall be reviewed in the manner provided in the rules for other decisions or by accelerated review as provided in this rule.

(b) Accelerated review by motion. A party seeking The accelerated review of the disposition shall be done so by motion. The motion must include (1) the name of the party filing the motion; (2) the offense in a juvenile offense proceeding or the issues in a juvenile dependency or termination of parental rights; (3) the disposition of the trial court; (4) the standard range for the offense, as may be appropriate; (5) a statement of the disposition urged by the moving party; (6) copies of the clerk's papers and a written verbatim report of those portions of the disposition proceeding which are material to the motion; (7) an argument for the relief the party seeks; and (8) a statement of any other issues to be decided in the review proceeding.

(c) Motion procedure controls. The motion procedure, including a party's response, is governed by Title 17 rule.

(d) Accelerated review of other issues. The decision of issues other than those relating to the juvenile offense disposition, juvenile dependency and termination of parental rights may be accelerated only pursuant to rules 18.8 and 18.12.

(e) Supreme Court review. A decision by the Court of Appeals on accelerated review that relates only to a juvenile offense disposition, juvenile dependency and termination of parental rights is subject to review by the Supreme Court only by a motion for discretionary review on the terms and in the manner provided in rule 13.5 (a), (b) and (c).

(f) Schedule. The accelerated review shall include a schedule for filing the record on review, and briefs, and setting oral argument.

Reviser's note: The typographical errors in the above material occurred in the copy filed by the agency and appear in the Register pursuant to the requirements of RCW 34.08.040.

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