WSR 97-13-054



[Filed June 16, 1997, 10:50 a.m.]

notice of revision of interpretive guidelines

Title: Revised Medical Test Site Interpretive Guidelines.

Effective Date: Revision May 5, 1997.

Issuing Agency/Division: Department of Health, Health Systems Quality Assurance, Office of Laboratory Quality Assurance.

Description: The interpretive guidelines are intended to assist the laboratory surveyors in determining a medical test site's compliance with the regulations (chapter 246-338 WAC) and to enhance consistency among surveyors in interpreting the regulations. They may also be useful to consultants, quality assurance coordinators and other laboratory personnel in interpreting the medical test site regulations.

Contact Person: Martha G. Simon, Director, Office of Laboratory Quality Assurance, 1610 N.E. 150th Street, K17-9, Seattle, WA 98155-9701, phone (206) 361-2802, Internet

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