WSR 97-20-028




[Filed September 22, 1997, 4:52 p.m.]

The Following Sections are Proposed for Expedited Repeal: WAC 415-108-050, 415-108-180, 415-108-190, 415-108-200, 415-108-210, 415-108-220, 415-108-240, 415-108-250, 415-108-260, 415-108-270, 415-108-280, 415-108-290, 415-108-060, 415-112-110, 415-116-010, 415-116-020, 415-116-030, 415-116-040, 415-116-050, 415-112-010, 415-108-195, 415-112-420, 415-112-030, 415-112-0152, and 415-108-230.

Rules Proposed for Expedited Repeal Meet the Following Criteria: Statute on which the rule was based has been repealed and has not been replaced by another statute providing statutory authority for the rule; rule is no longer necessary because of changed circumstances; and other rules of the agency or of another agency govern the same activity as the rule, making the rule redundant.

Any person who objects to the repeal of the rule must file a written objection to the repeal within thirty days after publication of this preproposal statement of inquiry.

Address Your Objection to: Paul Neal, Department of Retirement Systems, P.O. Box 48380, Olympia, WA 98504-8380.

Reason the Expedited Repeal of the Rule is Appropriate: In conducting the rules review required by Executive Order 97-02, the department determined that the rules listed above were unused and obsolete. In order to streamline the department's rules and avoid confusion in the regulated community, the rules listed above are being repealed.

September 22, 1997

Maureen Westgard-Long

Chief of Operations

Legislature Code Reviser


Washington State Code Reviser's Office